A Religion, A Philosophy, A Science

We Are A Religion
We accept that there was a beginning of the Universe. The creation of what mankind calls the Cosmos. Out of the giant cataclysmic expansion of creation, (which science calls the Big Bang) came a Universe created out of design and order. What lay before that Big Bang, at that moment of creation, man or his science does not know.
Mankind though, has had from the very beginning of his passage on this earth been given a source of knowledge and wisdom other than our own. From this source we do know that the creation of our Universe, this World on which we live, and Mankind was not just one gigantic accident.

We know and it is proven by science what mystics have said for thousands of years. There is an infinite intelligence at work in this universe. There is an order that exists in and through out the universes. From every atom that makes up our bodies, to the farthest star of the farthest galaxy the Laws of Physics and the basic structure of matter are consistently the same.
We know and we prove through our use of Natural and Spiritual Laws this Intelligence has a consciousness as vast as the universe it's self, yet has an individuality and a logic with out error and a nature that is loving and kind, like that of a loving parent.
Every tribe of mankind has a different name for this unfathomable and all-powerful intelligent creative force. We choose to call the Creator, God.
God is the Infinite Creator and sustainer of all things that has ever been or will ever be. At that moment of creation everything that God created became infinite in its nature. Nothing ceases to exist it continue in one form or another into infinity.

We prove the Consciousness and Spirit of mankind like the universe is infinite. We do this through our communication with High Plain Spirit and Angelic beings.
In the physical world only forms that we see may change, but the atoms and molecules that gave that object or being it form are not destroyed, they only change in form and goes on into infinity.
So does the Spirit of Life continues its journey, it too may change its form but does not end or interrupt the Spirit's infinite journey.
God makes known the ultimate plan for the destiny for mankind through Angelic and Spiritual forces. These Entities created and empowered through God's love, come to us with the message of God.
These Empowered Messengers also bringing us words of wisdom and understand, guiding and
teaching of things that are relevant to our daily lives and our future.
Through meditation in its highest form we become one with our Creator and the Universe, God speaks to the spirit and heart of mankind directly.
We find that Creator has secreted a whole universe inside of Mankind that is as vast as the outer universe. We are on a spiritual quest of discovery where we will find truly we are made in the likeness and image of the Creator. Our Creator placed inside of all of Mankind our true Celestial Image.

That Celestial Image gives life and immortality every individual. Yes, we are immortal into all infinity. From the time when Mankind lived in caves and wandered the plains of earth, those who have made the transition from the Earthly World to the Worlds that lay beyond the veil of life have made themselves known to those they loved. Through dreams, visions, a soft voice in the quiet of the night. They come and share their wisdom about your life's journey, at times to comfort and at times to share joy perhaps just to say I love you and I still care. Most of all they may say.
Though you cannot see my body I still live.
There has always been among the Tribes of Man those who were given or developed the gift who hear the voices of spirit. They speak for them when they cannot reach a loved one or friend. In times past they were called Prophet and Seers to day we call them Mediums.
In this way through the Gifts of the Spirit we show that those who have passed still live and have the ability to communicate with those in the Physical World, this also strengthen even more our belief and understanding.

We Are A Philosophy
The Physical Universe is governed and held in form by a system of scientific principles called the Law's of Physics.
In the unseen realms and universes there are governing laws. Those who communicate from the World of Spirit speak of an unwavering system of laws that govern the both the Spiritual and physical worlds.
The lives and spirits of mankind are governed by a similar set of laws. We call them The Spiritual Laws Of The Universe
This is nothing new they have been known since the very beginning of mankind.
This message of God has communicated and has been constantly affirmed down through all the ages by Angelic Messengers to the entire world. Holy Men, Mystics and Prophets, Illumined Teachers of all ages reflected the Light of God?s message to Mankind. Even before mankind had developed writing. The message of God was passed down through oral traditions, and then in writing and printing Gods message lived.
When one looks beyond the ego of mankind's elitist and separatist views you can see they hold true in all Holy and illumined writings. Still to this day Angelic Forces and Messengers of God who speak from the Higher Realms of Spirit constantly affirm the message.
We have found and our Philosophy teaches that living in harmony with these Laws we find health, happiness, and prosperity. In a life lived in this nature and manner our spirit will flourish and progress through all the Spiritual Plains. When we walk in that nature we walk in footsteps of our Way Shower, our Brother Jesus who became the Christ was the first that we know who fully manifested that Celestial Image inside of him.
We teach that a life lived in that manor and nature of the Christ no matter what your system of belief that a person will find themselves in Health, Happiness, and Prosperity.

We Are A Science
We research and investigate Spiritual, Psychic, and Paranormal activity. We attempt to understand the connection and influences of Spiritual and unseen forces from worlds and universes unknown upon the physical realms. By understanding and discovering the sources they paranormal activities or disturbances we try to eliminate and misunderstanding.
Human eyes cannot see many of these forces, and sometimes not even register on instruments, yet can be felt and sensed by even those untrained in the paranormal fields. We investigate Haunting and the appearance disembodied Spirits called Ghosts. Many times we help them find their way into the Light, so they can continue their Spiritual Progression. We experiment and research through all the latest scientific brake through.

We are Mystical Christian in our nature and teachings.
We except Jesus of Nazareth were the first to manifest the full Celestial Image of the Christ from inside of himself.
This is God's original likeness and Image which was placed inside all Mankind. Then God set us on our earthly journey to discover our destiny and true Image of who we truly are. So it was that Jesus of Nazareth became Jesus the Christ, the Messiah. Who?s coming had been predicted for thousands of years. The one who would lead the Children of The Earth out of the darkness.
Now his words, which is the voice of the Christ resounds in our hearts and spirit. Those words of the Christ call out to all Mankind that Celestial Image is still alive.
The Christ is God's beacon and a light that fills the universe. That Light which is the message of God shine's through the Christ. Our Father took a portion of His Radiance and Love then with that He created the Christ. The Light was the very first creation.
The Light is alive and lives in all His creation, also it lays hidden in the hearts, souls, and spirits of all mankind ready to be awakened. When a person walks in the footsteps of our brother Christ we walk in Gods Love. If we live and expressing the love of God as did Jesus who became the Christ, no matter what our origin, or what religion we call ourselves we walk in his love, strength, and power.
The life of Jesus Christ is the highest expression of God's love all the way to the end where he asked: "Father forgive them for they know not what they do."
Angelic forces and the Archangels proclaim that in the three unknown days after the crucifixion Jesus Christ descended into the deeps of the Outer Darkness. There Jesus preached the Light of Love to those lost in the darkness, those who had so far separated themselves from the Light of God they were lost there forever. There Jesus Christ with his Father's Love and Radiance created and inroad of light to the highest heaven, that if anyone ever desired true reclamation they could again find their way to God.
Jesus Christ did not die, nor go away. Did he not say, "Lo, I will be with you always even to the ends of the earth." The Christ is alive and lives in the hearts of all who choose to do what is right, true, and just. We choose to do this not out of fear of punishment, nor out some reward promised in an afterlife.
We choose to do good, for goodness sake. When we follow the example of Jesus Christ we are then filled with Joy and Light. Like our brother Jesus Christ experienced, we will know in that moment, as we do what God would have us do, we are filled with His holy Spirit, "We and the Father have become one."

Copyright © 2004 - First United Spiritualist Church. All Rights Reserved.

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